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What size photos can we scan? 

We can scan sizes ranging from 50 x 63.5 mm (2 x 2.5 inches)
up to a maximum of 215 mm x 863 mm (8.5 x 34 inches) 
What scanning resolution do we use? 
We use a standard of 300dpi which is perfect for reprinting and viewing on a PC or HD TV and will allow a 4” x 6” photo to be re-printed at an enlarged size of 8” x 10”
We can also scan 600dpi which allow a 4” x 6” photo to be re-printed at an enlarged max size of 8” x 12 which would be the biggest you would want to go as you really start to notice the loss of quality any bigger than double the size.
For extra large prints we can scan up to 1200dpi.
For further information on scanning resolutions have a search around on the web there is heaps of info out there.
What type of scanner do we use to scan my photos? 
We use professional Kodak photo scanners. 
What type of scanner do we use to scan my slides and negatives?  
We use a professional Epson scanner
What file format are my photo image files? 
All photos are scanned into JPEG file format. 
What file format are my slides and negatives?  
We use JPEG file format as standard.
Uncompressed TIFF files can be supplied upon request.
What file format are my Video tapes( VHS) home movies copied to? 
All video files will be to a DVD format for playing in your DVD player on you TV or PC. 
We can also supply AVI and MPEG files upon request.
Do my photo’s get damaged or marked when scanning? 
Some photos might incur some very minor scuffing that can usually be “polished off” with a photo cleaning cloth. But your photo is now scanned in digital format and you can re-print it out as many times as you like, mark free and with enhancements that make them look like new again. 
What are the postage costs? 
This depends upon where you live. We do prefer that you pay for postage costs up front as a return postage paid, to ensure you get the best postage price and option. Please use registered post at all times as a minimum. If you would like us to organise and pay for return postage this cost will be added to your invoice. 
How long does it take to scan and complete my order? 
Allow 7 to 10 Days from receipt of order to delivery of your scans and photos.
In what order are the photos scanned? 
Photos are scanned in your desired order, keep in mind that the last photo in the stack is scanned first. Click here to see an example. 
What happens if my pictures are bent or curled? 
If we can scan them we will but some distortion may occur. If they are too badly curled or bent we will be unable to scan them.
Are my photos returned to me? 
Yes they certainly are returned to you along with the scanned images on a disk. They are your photos. We do not offer a disposal service and we do not keep your photos.
Are my photos returned to me in the same order and bundles as I sent them to you? 
We do try to send them back the same way as they were sent to us. But this is not always possible due the scanning and stacking process and having to fit in a disk with your images as well. Your photos will not be shuffled around all over the place but they might not be sent back in the exact same order as you sent them to us.
Where are my photos, slides, negatives scanned and videos and audio transfered? 
All work is completed in the safety of our premises.
Can we custom name the scanned image files? 
No we cannot control the software to that extent, however we can create folder names to suit your album names and requirements. We cannot name individual files this is controlled by the scanning software. If you want to change the file names there is plenty of file re-naming software available that will make the task relatively easy.
I have some very old photo albums of B&W photos that are glued onto the pages. Can these be scanned? 
Yes we can scan them but they must be removed or cut from the pages and any adhesives/glues and sticky stuff must be removed.
Or if you don't like the idea of cutting out your photos, we can scan the whole album page on our flat bed photo scanner and crop the indivdual images and save them to sperate files. 
If the photos are really old and fragile it would be best that they are scanned using our flatbed scanner. This is an additional cost please refer to our prices.
What are the file sizes of photo scanned images? 
For a standard 4" x 6" Photo;
300dpi Scan is approx. 300KB per jpeg file
600dpi Scan is approx. 700KB per jpeg file
1200dpi Scan is approx. 2.5 MB per jpeg file
What DVD type / brand do you use?  
We only use top quality Japanese Taiyo Yuden DVD discs. These are superior quality and give a great result.
Do we keep a copy of your photos? 
We store your scans free of charge for 30 days as a backup service in the event that they are lost or the disk is damaged, or you just require another copy. If you require your images just contact us and order a replacement. If you wish us not to store the photos please advise us once you receive your scans and we will delete them from our system. 
 If you require further information or have more questions please feel free to contact us directly. 
Memories 2 Disk.   ABN: 77 252 368 274